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Welcome to! My intention with this website is to provide a resource area for people looking to take care better care of their bodies and their skin through the products they choose.

When we think of “being healthy”, we know we should “eat right and exercise.” While it is becoming second nature [I am an optimist] to read food labels when we shop at the grocery store, most of us don’t know what we should do in terms of healthy skin. We need to pay attention to ingredients in our skin care, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, etc. Everything that we put on our bodies matters.

One of my favorite old t-shirts [long gone but much loved] had a slogan that pretty much summed it up for me:  “her-bi-vore: a plant eating animal lover”.

Well, I see the shock and dismay on my friends’ faces when they learn what is in their skin and body care. Heck, I see the look on my die-hard meat-eating friends’ faces, too. We will be talking about why vegan skin care is better for you and your family, whether you are herbivore or omnivore. I invite you to check out my blog to see what’s new.

Some books I love about food and health: